Meet Our Coaches

Brett Gibson

Owner, CF Level-2


Our real-life Superman, our head coach and owner of Kal-El CrossFit, Coach Brett stumbled upon CrossFit randomly while surfing through YouTube videos about 9 years ago and has lived and breathed all things CrossFit ever since. He comes from an extensive sports background in High School Wrestling and Football, as well as Football at the College level at McDaniel and Catawba Colleges.  He regularly uses the teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership skills he developed during his earlier sports career while coaching and mentoring his athletes and molding the community here at Kal-El.  

“I love coaching CrossFit, because it reminds me of my Wrestling days, back in High School.  I remember wanting to get better at certain things, and recognizing how important the coaching and team support system was in advancing and improving my skills and performance.  I love that now that I am a coach, I can provide that support system to others.  I strive to bring that support to anyone and everyone who walks through Kal-El CrossFit’s doors. If you want to get better, I will stay there right alongside of you until you succeed (or until I annoy you, whichever comes first), because I believe in your capabilities, even when you don’t.”

Brett has his Level Two CrossFit Trainer Certification, as well as a specialty certification in CrossFit Weightlifting.  


What does Coach Brett like to do when he is not overseeing the operation of Kal-El CrossFit or working out?...  Well, more CrossFit of course!  You’ll find him watching Olympic Lifting technique videos, and other CrossFit videos and devising up the latest WODs for the gym's upcoming weeks programming.   He also loves relaxing and watching non-workout movies (sometimes) with Coach Wendy, and completing honey-do lists from Wendy at their home. 

Wendy Gibson

CF Level-2


Coach Wendy began her health and fitness career on the nutrition side of the industry.  She received her Bachelor’s in Dietetics from Rutgers University, and her Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  She is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian and holds specialty certifications in Adult Weight Management and Diabetes Education.  She has successfully owned her own private practice consultant company for the past 13 years, Contemporary Nutrition, which is now located inside of Kal-El CrossFit.  She sees clients for Sports Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy as well as contracts with Insurance companies and local nursing & rehab facilities to provide dietitian services.  


She was introduced to CrossFit by her Aunt over 13 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.  She was very active in the competitive side of CrossFit for several years, until she decided to focus her efforts more on the coaching side of CrossFit. She holds her Level Two CrossFit Trainer Certification, as well as a specialty certification in CrossFit Weightlifting.  

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